Keeping Technology Simple

Launching June 2013, Tech-Asa strives to maintain 99.9% Uptime with all their clients.


Techasa Offers IT Support for All, Large to small or no business at all. We accept any technology issue.

We offer Remote Management and Monitoring for all IT assets. This allows us to provide support quickly and effectivly with minimal impact on the end user.

Recent Posts

June 10

Web Site Launch

It has taken months, However it is now time to get this site Launched! Thanks, To everyone who has hired Tech-Asa as their go to for all things technology. It has been a bumpy road this past year however we made it through the first period where most fail. So again Thank You. Your business is appreciated!

May 23

Turning 30 and a new addition

Well, Its official. I am no longer a member of the 20 somethings. Instead i move forward into the 30s. Much to do and a business to grow. Today we also Welcome Baby Sydney into the family! Congrats Lindsey and Adam!

January 1

Preparing for Y2K15

Not how i expected to bring in the new year, However after much stress and anxiety, Christmas is over and I can start working on the next phase of Tech-Asa... 2015 here i come.


Microsoft HoloLense

The pros and cons. Mostly Pros.

Pros: Its the coolest thing ever! Imagine Tony Stark or Minority Report... Changing the game it is..

Cons: Not going to be out for a while....